Daad scholarship 2023 for International students

The good news is that overseas students who desire to study in Germany have access to a variety of scholarships from DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, including complete scholarships that cover all expenses. The number of scholarships is alluring when applying, and there are many of them available. Let’s look at some of the most well-known DAAD scholarships in Germany to assist you in locating the funding you require to succeed.

Daad scholarship

Studying in Germany offers a unique combination of prestigious academic institutions, the opportunity to interact with international business titans, and the allures of a warm, cosmopolitan culture. However, there is also the issue of how to pay for your education. The majority of public institutions in Germany do not charge tuition, while some programs could have minimal costs. Germany has affordable living costs, but they can still mount up.

What is DAAD scholarship?

DAAD’s Scholarships program is the Scholarships program. With a capitalization of €522 million, it can support over 140,000 students at once.

Scholarships are offered through any of the 365 institutions that make up the DAAD, and they are available in fields like chemical engineering, languages, and performing arts.

They are almost always for higher-level Ph.D. or master’s study, not for Bachelor’s or other degrees.

How can I get a DAAD scholarship?

DAAD scholarships in Germany for Those who are already residing in Germany may also apply as long as their residency has lasted no more than 15 months. There might be language requirements, but for the majority of subjects, a good command of English is sufficient. Check the supporting documents for each grant since requirements can differ.

Information may be found quite easily. A complete, consolidated DAAD scholarship database is offered by DAAD. Keyword searches for DAAD fellowships in Germany are possible.

The DAAD scholarship application procedure is also simple. Simply utilize the search feature on the DAAD website. Get your documentation in on time by adhering to the DAAD website’s guidelines!

When should I apply for the DAAD scholarships?

It’s typically advisable to apply early for academic awards to receive the best outcomes. Applications for DAAD scholarships are no different, however, there are a few deadlines to be aware of.

Period of application

In Germany, the application process for the winter semester of the next academic year runs from May through July 15. Don’t apply after that date. There is, however, a summer semester that begins in April. Applications must be received in that instance between early December and 15 January.

What documents are required for a DAAD scholarship?

There are specific requirements you must follow if you wish to apply for a spot at a German higher education institution. Your choice of study subject will determine how and where to apply. If you’re applying to a degree program in Germany, keep the following in mind:

This question can be answered with assistance from the higher education institutions’ international offices. They will explain the application procedure and the required paperwork to you. Your preferred higher education institution, uni-assist, or the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung all have the application form on hand (only in German).

Generally speaking, you’ll require the following papers:

  • A copy of your higher education entry certification that has been duly certified
  • A summary of your coursework and grades (with official translation)
  • If applicable, certified copies of your previous academic transcripts
  • A picture from a passport
  • An image of your passport (name and photograph)
  • Language proficiency certificates in certified form

When must the application be submitted?

The Daad scholarship application period for the winter semester beginning in September/October typically starts in early May and concludes on 15 July at most higher education institutions. Early December through January 15 are the application windows for the summer semester beginning in March or April. Acceptance letters are distributed in August/September and February/March. Frequently, rejections arrive a little later. Various deadlines could apply to private universities.You can apply for the scholarship from here


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