How To Start And Have A Business On The Internet Or E-Business

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Lots of people are always looking for how to do a business on the Internet or business for them … But a lot of people want to know how to succeed in this article. We will help you how to start business with you and succeed.

Online project

In order to stay online, you have a stable and stable business, you need two needs:

(digital skills + digital assets)

digital skills

We start with digital skills, the digital skills will give you basic skills and start learning them on your own, at your own pace.

  1. Writing skill in general and in particular, learn the two countries of “blogging + copywriting”
  2. The skill of social media marketing
  3. I learn programming and computer languages ​​- you do not have to be an expert in it, I only learn the basics.
  4. SEO optimization and optimization
  5. Photoshop
  6. Video making: to know how to make videos, whether on YouTube or Facebook, and others
  7. The most important skill in them remains, and what you will not know is learning above, which is “self learning”, that you know how to teach yourself on your own ..

A very important note

You don’t need to learn all of these skills at once, you can master one or two of them.
I recommend that you learn writing, marketing and SEO, and the rest of the skills can be a team of yours.
And each one learns a specific skill in them to the extent that he remains sharing in it and completing some in the other.
Or you learn all these skills, but it will take time, but it will make you a head and can work instead of a million business.

Online project

Second, digital assets remain:

I will tell you the most important of them. You must focus on adopting them alone, in order to use all the skills above, and serve each other and give you money ..

  1. Pages with interested followers on social media, most importantly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ..
  2. YouTube channel.
  3. Do personal branding for yourself from the personal account, if you don’t want to do a Facebook page ..
  4. A mailing list for people interested in the field in which to work in it is considered a “treasure”
  5. A site or a blog, and easy-to-read countries, it is not a story that means ..

A very important note:

These digital assets will only be known to embrace them when they provide value, knowledge, and practical steps with which to assist your target audience.
I mean, do not turn on spam and deception, because it will not help you at all, so try to start right.
Medicine, what are the ways to profit from talking over this?

  1. When you start your website or blog and write content on it that benefits your target audience, subscribe to Google Ads and place ads on the site and earn in dollars ..
  2. You earn from displaying your ads on YouTube, and in many examples in Egypt, you are not like people like you and like you, YouTube has become for them their only source of income, they have abandoned their old job, and Bexpo is money they love without restrictions ..
  3. You sell a product or services related to your field through “affiliate marketing,” which is a field for people to earn thousands of dollars a month from, and it is not an exaggeration.
  4. You operate an offline service or product and start supplying your sales through digital assets with your assets, whether it is a special course for you, a tangible product or a specific service, all according to your field and experience.
  5. 5 If you grow up and still have personal branding, you will find many companies that will offer you advertisements for them and put the amount you want ..

In ways that are numerous and unlimited, and everything that grows, provides value, and solves problems for your target audience, all your opportunities increase.

Online project

Learning resources to start an online business

Resources in order to learn to talk over this. The sources in them are free and some of them are paid, rely on both

  1. It is one of the best courses in the field of digital marketing and it teaches you great skills from above. You can book it from here .
  2. If you want to learn programming from scratch, this course contains a summary. You can submit it from here .
  3. In the field of SEO: a free course for one of the best people in the field, Business Neil Patel: from here
  4. If you want to learn copywriting, learn  from this site .
  5. And the best-selling course in Photoshop from here .
  6. In order to not download the links, you will find other resources in the first comment ..

Advice for a lifetime, learn how to get income from the net and build a kingdom so that it brings you a steady income, and I promise you that you will meet unlimited opportunities, and your income will increase regardless of the conditions of the country, and you will be safe, God willing ..
I hope everyone of you starts to learn, apply, strive and strive, and God, if you apply these words, Each one of you will have a source of income from the Internet and can do a job that he loves, but just like I said, a little patience and continuous learning are needed .. I
wish you would be tempted to share the post with everyone. Do you think that they will benefit from it, so we start with some of us building a world in which most of the young people will work in A need that you love and use the right website instead of wasting time on it and complaining.

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