How To Start And Have A Business On The Internet Or E-Business

Many people are always looking for how to do business on the internet or business for them but many people want to know how to succeed. So we will help you how to start working with you and succeed.

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In order to have a stable and continuous business on the Internet, you need two things:

(digital skills + digital assets)

Digital skills

The beginning is with digital skills, as digital skills will give you the basic knowledge that you start to learn on your own, according to your own speed of understanding.

  1. Writing skill in general and in particular learning: blogging + authoring and publishing.
  2. Social media marketing skill.
  3. Learn programming and computer languages.
  4. SEO optimization.
  5. Mastering photo editing.
  6. Video making: to learn how to make videos, whether on YouTube or Facebook, and others.
  7. You don’t have to be an expert on it.
  8. The most important skill remains, which is “self-learning”.

A very important note

  • You don’t need to learn all of these skills at once,
  • You can master one or two of them.
  • Writing, marketing and SEO must be learned
  • The rest of the skills can be of help to you.
  • After learning and mastering a certain skill completely, another skill can be learned.
  • Choosing to learn all of these skills is going to take a long time.
  • But it will make you a professional and you can work through it in more than one job at a time.
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Second, digital assets remain:

The most important thing in all of this is that you must focus on a specific skill on your own, so that you can use all the skills mentioned above later, and you will find that they all serve each other and through which you can earn money.

  1. Create pages with followers interested in your activity on social networking sites, the most important of which are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Create a YouTube channel.
  3. Create a personal brand for yourself from the personal account, if you do not want to create a page on Facebook or something else.
  4. The mailing list of people interested in the field they work in is a very big treasure.
  5. Website or blog, and write easy-to-read articles.

A very important note:

You and your website will only be known when you provide value, knowledge and practical steps to help your target audience. This means that you do not run spam and scams, because it will not help you at all in creating your audience, so try to start correctly and legitimately.

  1. When you start creating your website or blog and writing content on it that will benefit your target audience, subscribe to Google Ads, place ads on the site and earn dollars.
  2. You can earn from displaying your ads on YouTube, and in many examples in all countries of the world, YouTube has become for many people their only source of income, they have given up their old jobs, and YouTube has become the work they did with unrestrained love.
  3. To sell a product or services related to your field through the “commission marketing” service, and it is a field from which people earn thousands of dollars per month, and it is not an exaggeration.
  4. Run a service or product offline and start fueling your sales through social media, whether it is your own educational course, a physical product or a specific service, it all depends on your industry and experience.
  5. If you grow and build your audience a lot, and still have a good personal brand, you will find many companies that will give you ads for them and put the amount you want.

In infinitely many ways, and whatever grows, delivers value, and solves the problems of your target audience, all of your opportunities increase.

Online project

Learning resources to start an online business

Resources for you to learn to talk about this, and the resources in it will be free and some will be paid, and it depends on both

  1. It is considered one of the best educational courses in the field of digital marketing and teaches you great skills from above. You can book itfrom here .
  2. If you want to learn different programming languages from scratch, this course contains a summary. You can subscribe from here .
  3. On Search Engine Optimization: A free course from one of the best people in the field, Business Neil Patel: from here
  4. If you want to learn copywriting, learn  from this site .
  5. And a best-selling Photoshop course from here .
  • Important advice, learn how to get income from the network and build a kingdom so that it brings you a stable income, I promise you will have unlimited opportunities, your income will increase regardless of the country’s conditions, and you will be safe.
  • We hope that each of you will start learning, progress, striving, and diligence, and if you apply these words, each of you will have a private source of income from the Internet and can do a job that he loves, but a little patience and constant learning is needed.
  • We hope that you will tend to share the post with everyone, if you think they will benefit from it, so we start with each other to build a world in which most young people work in a need that you love and use the correct site instead of wasting time on it and complaining.
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