Shaqra university scholarship 2023 Funding Program

Shaqra university scholarship Funding Program, Want to attend a free university in Saudi Arabia? Scholarships from Saudi Arabia’s Shaqra University for 2023 It is a financially supported scholarship that covers living costs, compensation, and study time. Open-source software is used. One of the best Arab scholarships is the Shaqra University Scholarship 2023, which is open for applications.

Shaqra university scholarship Details

CountrySaidi Arabia
EligibilityAll International Students
Degree LevelBachelor
Shaqra university scholarship

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Shaqra University Scholarship Benefits

  • Monthly Stipend.
  • Bonus trade.
  • Healthcare for students.
  • Providing accommodation and medical attention.
  • Meal protection.
  • Issuing of tickets for travel.

Required Documents

  1. CV A certificate of graduation.
  2. A scorecard.
  3. If available, a language certification.
  4. passport.
  5. Photograph.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must hold a diploma from a high school, either inside or outside the Kingdom, or its equivalent.
  • The time since getting the overall auxiliary authentication, or its same, is no longer than five years.
  • Be morally upright. to be in good health.
  • To satisfactorily complete any exam or in-person interview that the College Council deems necessary.
  • The understudy shouldn’t have been removed for less than stellar scores or an awful way of behaving from any school or instructive office, and assuming that the data given ends up being bogus, his enlistment will be dropped.
  • The kid shouldn’t have received a scholarship from a school in the Kingdom again. to possess a degree of capacity.
  • If he wants to apply to engineering and computer and information technology colleges, he needs a high school diploma.
  • With a complete score of in excess of 80 degrees, the tantamount rate ought to be 60% secondary school – 40% capacities.
  • With a complete score of in excess of 85 degrees, the composite rate ought to be 40% secondary school – 30% capacities – 30% scholar.
  • While applying to colleges of education, the high school average must be 85% or higher.
  • The age of a student ought not to be under at least 17 than 25 years of age.
  • The student must live in the Kingdom on a regular basis.

How To Apply

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