Keyboard typing : Typing practice for beginners

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How do I write quickly on the keyboard?

There is no doubt that fast typing on the keyboard is one of the most important skills required because it saves time and effort, to the point that many companies operate Typing Test and it remains a prerequisite for admission. The required speed ranges between 20 words per minute, which is easy for those who train and can reach 30 words per minute. So how do we train? This is free Typing practice online

1- WikiHow offers many advice on sitting positions and more.

But there are some habits that help effectively with fast writing, including:

Familiarize yourself with writing difficult texts that contain many symbols and commas
Familiarize yourself with setting aside daily time for exercise and training

  • Try to write without looking at the keyboard

Where do I train?

  • If you want training in Arabic, one of the best sites is: TYBAA.


  • Reading and Writing without Looking for the English keyboard

Site: Typingclub.


  • To measure your speed of typing in English without looking for the keyboard, typing practice test

site: Typeracer.



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