Keyboard typing | Typing practice for beginners

Keyboard typing is about the idea that each finger has its own area on the keyboard. Thanks to this scientific fact, you can type quickly without having to look at the keyboard. Just practice regularly and you will find that your fingers recognize their place on the keyboard through the body’s muscle memory.

How do I write quickly on the keyboard ?

There is no doubt that typing quickly on the keyboard is considered one of the most important skills required for the individual, because it saves the individual time and effort as well, to the point that many, many different companies are working on testing a specialized employee for writing, and there remains a prerequisite for admission, which is typing quickly on the keyboard, and the required speed is It is writing 20 words per minute for the most part, which is not difficult for those who train and the number of words can reach 30 words per minute. How can we practice? This is free Typing practice online

WikiHow offers many advice on sitting positions and more. But there are some things that may help us effectively in learning fast typing, including:

  • Recognizing the writing of any difficult written texts that contain many symbols and commas,
  • Get in the habit of setting aside regular daily time for exercise and training.
  • Try typing without looking at the keyboard

Where do I train?

  • If you want training in Arabic, we offer you one of the best websites is: TYBAA
  • Read and write without looking and searching in English keyboard Site: Typingclub
  • To measure how fast you can type English on the keyboard without looking up the keyboard, typing practice test. site: Typeracer


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