About us

Fullsco.info is an online platform that collects information on scholarship vacancies, information on scholarships for doctoral positions, fellowships, and other research-related grants, master’s scholarships for undergraduate students for postgraduate short courses, and other training from various sources such as newspapers, websites of colleges, and universities, etc., And share all available updates as planned.

Through the platform Fullsco.info, you can get information about the latest scholarship openings. The scholarships are categorized by country and are awarded to target students subject-wise research proposal nationality and other relevant criteria to help international students. Scholarship vacancies help students around the world find the economic means to pursue higher education abroad. We make a special effort to provide relevant scholarship vacancy news for students from developing countries.

Our main goal and mission are to help international students and developing countries find available scholarship opportunities and other relevant online learning programs that will teach the necessary skills to students around the world.

You can easily search for the scholarship you want by subject level in your country via our available list.

More and more scholarships.

Platform Fullsco.info provides the best easy-to-use way to find and apply for scholarships for students of all ages, in addition, we provide the best proven and critically acclaimed search engine, which in turn enables you to access targeted scholarship lists and invest in minutes, so there is no faster or better way to find free scholarship funds like what we offer on our website

Why we are the best among other educational platforms

Fullsco.info students have been matched with scholarships for over two decades. Our scholarship providers would love to receive your inquiries and applications. We are not working on providing a list of extremely popular and competitive scholarships that are usually found on the internet, but we are working on creating the best online scholarship database to facilitate all users from all over the world

We update our scholarship data daily.

Scholarships are added and updated in our database daily by our hardworking and dedicated staff. We respond quickly to comments and keep switching to the next better iteration. We are constantly updating the available scholarships and discarding any that seem inactive. We understand the scholarship cycle. Most of them are annual, and not all of them are on the same schedule. We adapt and adjust so you don’t have to.

Are scholarships available for university students only?

University scholarships are not only for high school students. Many of our users are already in college and are looking for funding for the next semester or academic year. Whether you are in high school or graduate school, regardless of your age, there are scholarships in our database for you.

I’m just a high school student, do I have the opportunity to apply for scholarships

Congratulations! It’s time to start searching for scholarships, and many students wish that they could start searching for scholarships! Scholarships for high school freshmen may not be as plentiful as for seniors, but they are also not competitive! In addition, you can get an early start on understanding finding free money for college. You will have an advantage over everyone else waiting until late to start searching.

Ask your school

No matter where you live or where you went to school, your first step in finding scholarships should be the financial aid office at your school. Most universities offer scholarship programs exclusively for international students enrolled in the institution. Check out financial aid for your school if you cannot find what you are looking for, please visit the website or call or send an email to the office.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Eligibility for the scholarship is entirely up to the scholarship holder; there is no general rule about whether you are eligible for prize money. Some scholarships require students to have a certain TOEFL score; some ask that you are from a certain country; some ask that you have a certain grade point average. You need to do your own research to find out if you are eligible for a scholarship. This can be confusing, but remember that university admissions officers and financial aid specialists are here to help you find as much money as possible.

How can I apply and apply to the available scholarships?

As for eligibility, there are no specific rules on how to apply for scholarships. While some simply ask you to fill out an application form, others may request specially written work or research in a specific field. If you find a scholarship that you think may be available you are eligible to contact the award administrator to receive the award. All scholarships are located on Fullsco.info the scholarship search includes the contact details of the awards administrator.

Why do many people prefer to apply for scholarships

Attending college or university can be very complicated and expensive for anyone. In addition, international students must obtain a student visa to study abroad, and paperwork can be more difficult.

Scholarship functions provide students and parents with free information on how to easily overcome possible barriers to admission to the college or University of their choice.

We offer free resources from individual scholarships and private funding sources to help students get admission to the best colleges and universities.

The college application process itself can be a complicated and confusing obstacle for many hopeful students. We pride ourselves on helping students and parents throughout the school application process.

Some of the services we provide on Fullsco.info include the following : 

  • Scholarship availability and application
  • College and university application
  • Visa application process (including Student Work Visa IP-5 visa)
  • English language proficiency
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