Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 – Fully Funded

Experience the Global Peace Summit in Qatar 2024 – an incredible opportunity to attend an international conference that will be fully funded. Mark your calendars for the Summit, which will take place in January 2024. This exceptional event, known as the Global Peace Summit (GPS), is a platform led by youth, focusing on leadership and the exchange of knowledge through engaging summits and seminars.

The Global Peace Chain Qatar 2024 aims to be one of the largest events of the year, attracting participants from across the globe. A total of 150 individuals will be carefully selected to join this prestigious platform. Among them, there are 15 seats that come with full funding, 25 seats with partial funding, and 110 self-funded seats available.

Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 Details

  • Country: Qatar
  • Seats: 150
  • Dates: Jan 22nd-25th 2024
  • Deadline: 15th December 2023

Global Peace Summit Topics

  • Youth unemployment and its link to violence in society:
  1. Explanation of how youth unemployment contributes to a violent society.
  • Root causes of labor exploitation and steps to address it:
  1. Identification of the underlying causes of labor exploitation.
  2. Suggested measures to manage and combat labor exploitation effectively.
  • Mapping interests and passions for future success:
  1. Guidance on how today’s generation can align their interests and passions to achieve personal and professional excellence in the future.
  • Enhancing peacemaking abilities of international governing institutions:
  1. Call for improvements in the peacemaking capabilities of international governing institutions.
  2. Discussion on the need for strengthening their role in maintaining global peace and stability.

Global Peace Summit Financial Benefits

  • Fully Funded Seats (15 available):
  1. Air tickets, accommodation, and other essential amenities will be provided to fully funded applicants.
  2. Additional benefits include a Peace Passport, a Certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a Conference Kit, a Cultural Evening Ceremony, and a Celebration Party.
  • Partially Funded Seats (25 available):
  1. Partially funded applicants will receive accommodation and other necessary provisions.
  2. Similar benefits include a Peace Passport, a Certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a Conference Kit, a Cultural Evening Ceremony, and a Celebration Party.
  • Self-Funded Seats (110 available):
  1. Self-funded applicants have the option to purchase a delegate package directly from the Global Peace Summit.
  2. Specific details regarding the delegate package can be obtained from the summit’s organizers.

Please note that the number of available seats may vary, and individuals are encouraged to seek further information from the Global Peace Summit organizers for any additional requirements or updates.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age range: Youth between 16-40 years old.
  • Eligibility: Participants from all nationalities can apply.
  • Qualities: Looking for open-minded, highly motivated, and passionate individuals.
  • Target audience: Students and young professionals are encouraged to apply.
  • Academic background: Applicants from any academic field are welcome.

How to Apply

To apply for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024, please complete the online application by following this link:

For more details about the Global Peace Summit in Qatar, please visit the official website provided below.


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