Taibah University Scholarship 2023-24

Taibah University Scholarship. When the institution first began, it had just seven colleges. The university had grown to have 28 colleges and one institute by 1434–1435 H.

A Saudi university called Taibah University is situated in Madinah. It was founded in 2003 and has a variety of faculties, including those in the humanities, engineering, medical sciences, and community sciences.

Taibah university Scholarship

Directly submitting an application for the scholarship through the university’s website is cost-free. No language certification is required. either a bachelor’s diploma from high school or an Al-Azhar or similar certificate. Both men and women are able to use the application.

Details of the Taibah University Scholarship

CountryKingdom of Saudi Arabia.
UniversityTaibah University
DegreeBachelor’s degree for undergraduate studies.
FundedFully Funded
Taibah University Scholarship

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About Taiba University

Taibah University Scholarship

Taiba University is a Saudi institution of higher learning with a Medina location. It was established in 2003 what’s more, has various schools with specializations in the clinical, designing, humanities, and local area sciences.

Benefits of the Funding Provided in the Scholarship

The scholarship covers all tuition costs in addition to a monthly income and airfare. – lodging and insurance for health.

Conditions for Taibah University Scholarship:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required of the student.
  • For undergraduate study, a student’s age must be less than 17 years old or greater than 25 years old.
  • The kid shouldn’t have been awarded a second scholarship from a school in the Kingdom.
  • Assuming there is no Saudi consulate in the candidate’s country, he might ensure his archives at the Saudi government office that is the nearest to his nation’s line. The authentications and ID records should be approved by the Saudi government office.
  • He shouldn’t be kicked out of one of the Kingdom’s educational institutions.
  • The learner needs to be in good health.

Required Documents

  • Copies of the secondary certificate, the Arabic translation of the certificate, and the Saudi embassy’s certification of each document. The student may authenticate his documents at the closest Saudi embassy nearby if his country does not have a Saudi embassy.
  • A copy of a passport that is currently valid and has a minimum six-month validity period.
  • A recent 4 cm by 6 cm color image.

Application Conditions

  1. The minimum and maximum ages for university students are 17 and 25 respectively.
  2. The Saudi government must approve the student’s request to study in the Kingdom of nations that have such requirements.
  3. One of the educational institutions in the Kingdom has not awarded the student any additional scholarships.
  4. The Saudi Embassy must certify all certificates and documents. The secondary diploma needs to be from a public institution, and the Saudi cultural attaché must certify it. The documents must be certified by the closest Saudi Embassy adjacent to the student’s State if there isn’t one in the student’s country.
  5. to go to a certificate-free meeting with his state’s security services.
  6. Not to be separated from a building housing a school run by the Kingdom.
  7. To be with the candidate Muharram, in accordance with the organization’s guidelines, and subject to a grant, a regular place of abode, registration, or another requirement, if an employer requires his services.
  8. affix a copy of the marriage license—one that has been certified—to the married student.
  9. pass the medical exam prescribed by the rules and guidelines.
  10. Complete the online application form provided by the university by entering all necessary personal information and uploading the appropriate files.

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Variety of disciplines

  • The Faculty of Engineering 
  • College of Science.
  • Business administration school.
  • Department of Education.
  • School of law.
  • Computer science and engineering faculty.
  • Arts and Humanities Faculty.
  • a local university.
  • Family sciences faculty.
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


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