UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | Fully Funded

All international students from all over the world are now eligible to apply for the UNICEF internship program 2023 paid internship at UNICEF

And for those who don’t know UNICEF is an internship program that provides career opportunities for graduates and new students. Interns joining this opportunity will gain advanced experience in a world-class organization. This Unicef collaborative program provides students and alumni the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s mission

The mission of the organization is to make a fruitful difference in the lives of children and young people around the world, therefore, an internship for Unicef is the best way to earn money, as it provides the best compensation while monitoring the behavior of applicants. Students also work with the core values of this organization. Its core values are care, respect, integrity, trust, and responsibility. In addition, UNICEF currently works in 190 countries and provides its detainees with opportunities to face real and external challenges.

UNICEF is a widespread organization and the highest social welfare organization in the world. Its main contribution to the health of the child and the health education of the mother is the provision of emergency relief and many other facilities. The UNICEF internship program is the best opportunity for new students who have recently completed their degrees either graduate students or Master’s and doctoral students.

UNICEF detainees gain high-performance work experience and high returns. It provides detainees with better opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as attractive compensation and benefits. In addition, UNICEF has taken the first steps towards the recruitment and employment of its detainees, they are also considered high-level work experience in various places of real life, but UNICEF itself does not guarantee them permanent employment in its organization. You may also be interested in the Nanyang international scholarships (fully funded) in Singapore 2023.

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Details of the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship :

  • Institute: UNICEF
  • Training coverage: fully funded
  • Eligible Nationalities: all international nationalities
  • Award country: different countries
  • Deadline: throughout the year.

Financial benefits of the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship

UNICEF internship program 2023 a paid internship at UNICEF is a completely free internship for all international students. UNICEF will pay the following:

  • The salary for the internship will be paid by the host institution or by UNICEF itself.
  • Visa fees, travel, and other expenses will also be paid in one lump sum based on funds.
  • UNICEF’s work skills will provide its detainees with world-class opportunities.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship

Applicants must meet the following conditions to apply for the scholarship:

  • Candidates must be enrolled in any degree, such as a postgraduate master or doctoral degree.
  • Grades should be new and modern. Such as if the candidate is a graduate, the degree should not be older than 2 years.
  • Candidates must have a good command of one of the working languages of UNICEF, namely English, Spanish and French.
  • Candidates must also be fluent in the working language of the office job in which they plan to work.
  • Candidates must have a good and impressive track record academically.
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidates should not have direct contact with UNICEF staff or reporting organizations.
  • If the candidate already has relevant work experience, he will receive benefits on top of that.

What documents are required to apply for the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship

  • The profile that will be recruiting is online.
  • The Autobiography.
  • A cover letter or some kind of personal statement.

What is the deadline for applying for the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship

There is no set application date for the UNICEF internship program and there are occasional vacancies throughout the year.

How to apply for the UNICEF Internship Program 2023 | UNICEF Paid Internship

  • Applications to the UNICEF internship program will be submitted online.
  • If the candidate wants to apply first, he should look for this opportunity on the job portal or any other platform.
  • Applicants should create relevant applications based on the strengths of their skills and suitability for open positions.
  • All details must be true and accurate, the candidate will be provided with personalized contact details so that the organization can reach this individual if the need arises.


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