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How To Write The Letter Of Recommendation With Example

A letter of recommendation is one of the most common application requirements for various scholarships. It is one of the documents that play an important role in the admission or refusal of students, so it is necessary to be familiar with it, and the correct steps for writing it, which we will discuss in today’s school essay.

What is meant by a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a formal letter written by a former employer, client, teacher, academic supervisor, or another person who can make a recommendation regarding someone’s performance, whether at work or in an academic career.

What is the main purpose of writing a letter of recommendation?

The main purpose of writing a letter of recommendation is to attest to the skills, achievements, and behavior of the person for whom you are writing. Usually, they are sent to the recruiter of a company or organization, or the Registrar of an academic institution, where he helps the applicant get a job or gives a Personal Interview, which gives a general idea of the candidate.

Who can write a letter of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are usually written directly to the employer, recruiter, university admissions committee, or academic institution at a personal request. But who is writing this letter?

Choosing the right person to write letters of recommendation can be a bit difficult, and it’s not about making a list of your superiors, teachers, or former colleagues and choosing people who may have time to write a letter of recommendation for you.

Therefore, when choosing the person who will write your recommendation letter, you should be careful about the following  :

  • Be fully aware of your work (both at work and in your studies) and have a positive impression of him.
  • Take the time to write the letter in such a way as to impress readers.
  • He is an authority figure (director or official of a company, teacher or supervisor at a university, etc.), Or the reputation of interest to the employer or the reader of the letter.

Tips for getting a particular letter of recommendation?

Admittedly, you are not the one who writes letters of recommendation, but this does not mean that you will sit idle, but you should do a few simple things to ensure that you get a great letter of recommendation, here are some tips that you should follow:

  • First: make a list of the most important characteristics and achievements that you would like to mention in your letter of recommendation. Of course, do not take it directly to the person responsible for writing the letter, but give it to him in the form of an order. However, you can send a secondary message to help him write the letter. The initial email is a suitable opportunity to attach this information you can format the emails as follows:
    I know that employers are interested in the following “certain skills and experience that employers are interested in”, so if you are satisfied with my performance in the [list of skills and experience that you would like to mention], you can mention in your letter to this point.
  • Secondly: check your correspondence with the designated writer and ask an acquaintance to read your letter before sending it to make sure the language is correct. You should also make sure the name of the person, organization, or company you are applying to because any minor typo can cost you the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Third: although it is important not to take up too much of the letter writer’s time, if you find an error in the letter of recommendation, such as an important date, feel free to tell him so that he can correct it.
  • Fourth: do not forget to thank the writer, firstly for his consent to write the letter, and secondly after writing, because the initial thanks will please the writer and encourage him to write more carefully. As for thanks after writing the letter, it can guarantee that when you need to write another letter in the future, you will still have the opportunity to find this person.

Recommendation Letter Example

To begin writing a strong letter of recommendation, a sample scholarship recommendation letter can provide valuable guidance. Take a look at the following example to get a visual representation of the recommended format.



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