Download Novels (Arabic – English) To Develop And Improve Your Level Of English Language

Arabic-English novels or bilingual books is a strong factor for developing your level of English by reading books at first in English and words that are difficult or incomprehensible to you begin to know their translation and meaning on the opposite page directly.

The benefit of reading the Arabic-English novels:

From your continuous reading of different books and novels in this way, you can improve your level of reading in the English language. Reading skill is one of the most important skills in learning the English language and it is one of the most important international tests in the IELTS or TOEFL tests.

And from your reading of books also, you can improve the outcome of your words in the English language and provide them and advice when you start reading. You must have a special memo or notebook for you to study in which you write the most difficult and new words for you and from here you will be after reading a large number of forgiveness Novels you find yourself got a large number of words in the English language, which is required.

How to read bilingual books (Arabic-English) and get the most out of it:

1- In the beginning, you must provide the right atmosphere and calmness for reading, and not to distract yourself with different social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and others

2- Before starting to read  Arabic-English novels,  look for a novel that you find yourself eager to read from the title, cover and introduction in order to add to the learning the pleasure and desire to complete the novel.

3- As we mentioned, you should have a note or notebook beside you to write the most important words that you encountered in reading in order to be able to obtain the largest number of words during reading and reach the goal of improving your level of English.

Download novels (Arabic – English) to develop and improve your level of English language pdf:

Novels are available pdf download immediately

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