Reach Oxford Scholarships 2023 in UK

The Reach Oxford Scholarships is officially known as the Oxford Student Scholarship, as it is one of the best highly rated scholarships and is a prestigious, well-known and famous scholarship, offered to students from low-income countries of the world. Accordingly, and if you are one of those who wish to apply for the Gradayute Scholarships, you can do so, whatever your nationality and whatever your country is.

Reach Oxford Scholarships Details

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • University: University of Oxford
  • Level of study‎: ‎Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D., Doctoral
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Total No. of Scholarships: 1,000 Graduate Scholarships, 4 or 5 Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Duration

  • Undergraduate: 3 or 4 Year
  • Graduate: 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year or up to 6 Years

What Does Reach Oxford Scholarship Cover?

Oxford University Scholarships for International Students covers all expenses of accepted students for the duration of the study program in the UK.

Oxford Scholarships for International Students Undergraduate: 

  • Course fees.
  • Cost of living grant.
  • One round-trip airfare per year.

Oxford University Scholarships for Graduate Students: 

University of Oxford Scholarships for graduates who have been accepted will cover some or all of the course fees or the University will provide a grant for living costs. All of this is for up to 1,000 full or part Oxford postgraduate undergraduate scholarships.

There’s No Separate Scholarship Application Process or additional documents required for financing.

Available Academic Fields

All Courses are available Except Medicine. Take a look at Course Directory (Here)

Things to Keep in Mind

Choose which course would like to study there. You can only apply to one Oxford University Scholarship course, and no student can apply to Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. Just see the information on all courses for the scholarship.

Check the admission requirements for your own studies. The specific scores and specific subjects required for each course will also be presented page.

The student must decide whether to express a particular preference college or submit an open grant application. In this case if the applicant submits an open application, they will be assigned to a college that has relatively fewer applications for the scholarship course in the year in which they apply.

For Undergraduates, You have to Apply through Online UCAS Application System.

How to Apply

To Apply Please Visit the Official Websites. For Undergraduates (Visit Here). For Graduates (Visit Here)


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