Training of trainers (TOT) free online course with certificate

Even though this demonstrates how you carry out the duties for which you are an expert in one of the fields, what if someone asks you to convey this knowledge to them? Will you be able to convey it as skillfully, effectively, and easily as you have in your field of expertise? According to studies, the majority of well-known professionals frequently fail to impart their knowledge to others!

When you were attending lectures for them or for some of them, you were suffering from the way they were explained and the fact that they were unable to communicate their most basic information to you and to the rest of their students! You may have encountered during your university studies a number of professors at the university who are referred to as having international research in their field of specialisation! It follows that it is obvious that anyone with experience, regardless of the profession, needs to be taught how to share that experience with others. This is the aim of the so-called training of trainers programme.

What you will learn on the TOT course

After completing this programme, the trainee will be capable of:

  • Understands the premise of coaching science
  • It outlines the key competencies that a professional trainer has to have.
  • Separate the trainees’ fundamental learning preferences.
  • Recognises the value of expert trainer preparation.
  • carries out some basic training exercises inside the training space.
  • Acknowledges the significance of treating trainees like adult students.
  • There is a tendency in favour of participatory training rather than indoctrination, which is encouraging.
  • Examining the traits of learning and how to leverage them to deliver effective instruction.
  • The training sessions’ overall structure is initially planned.
  • The targeted training programme is known as.

How to apply for the Training of Trainers course: TOT

You may easily apply by clicking the link below, where you must first sign up and make a free account on the platform before you can sign up for the course and begin learning.


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