A collection of important courses for IT, Network and System engineers

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An important grouping for IT, Network, and System Engineers. Many people order these courses by name, these courses will help you very much as a content and some of them have testimonials

1- Subnetting courseA course is a single lecture through which you will be able to easily understand the subject of Subnetting, and after you finish the video, you will be able to Subnetting, God willing, and you will be able to do Subnetting just by looking, without you needing a piece of paper and a pen.

2- SDN course in ArabicThe course talks about SDN technology. Software defined networks

3- Introduction to Computer Networks courseThis training course prepares both beginners and intermediate students to become computer network professionals.

4- An introduction to the Internet of Things (IOT) courseThe Internet of Things (IOT) technology has become a reality we live in now, which made learning more about this technology an urgent matter for everyone interested in technology.This course is designed to help you learn more about Internet of Things technology, its main components, and how it works.

5- Free Amazon Course and Course Completion Certificate – AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)

6- An information systems and software security test course

7- What is DHCP, how it works, and how can you set it up on Cisco devicesNetwork managers, systems engineers, and IT practitioners.A very important topic is DHCP, this important protocol and how it works on Cisco devicesHere is a short video to learn what DHCP is, how it works, and how you can set it up on Cisco devicesThe video is in Arabic and includes a practical example.

8- A step-by-step programming course using PythonA step-by-step programming course using Python language with a lot of exercises and practical application, Python language is the most widespread programming language and has many areas such as Web Programming, Scripting, Data Analysis and Data Science. We will download the course requirements together during the lectures

9- Course: Microsoft Azure IAAS – from zero to heroThe easiest and simplest course related to Azure in the Arab world, where there is no complication, disruption, or boredom. Here you will find the matter completely different and together, God willing, we will rise from the beginnings to the level of professionals.

10- Learn the basics of Skype for Business (formerly Lync).The course is free and provided in Arabic.In this course, we will learn how to add contacts, and how to customize a user’s account. It will also include an explanation of the features that help you communicate through instant messaging, as well as the most important characteristic of the work environment, namely teamwork,

11- A surprise course, free Arabic, concise and simplified, and covers very important parts in the basics of Switching.After you finish the course, God willing, you will be standing on your feet in the switching and you can start after that in the big world of switching.

12- CompTIA Security + courseThe purpose of this certification is to verify applicants’ skills needed to employ safety approaches and procedures. It should be noted that this exam does not pertain to a specific operating system and that all terms, concepts, principles and theories can be applied to several operating systems such as Windows / * nix, so do not forget that because the exam focuses on concepts.

13- The easiest course to learn Linux


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